The real insane person is not the one who is delusional but the one in which the universe he sees is him from the inside of his head. Everything else follows rational laws just like the laws of nature. This insane universe operates much like our own. In physics there is a theory that due to the immensity of space, there is a universe for every possibility. Could there be a real universe that coincided with the universe of the insane?

I Kept Hearing Voices In His Head

The most abhorent images are those of violence to children and women. One understands children. It is their innocence. But why women? Is violence to a man any the less horrible? Right now I’m listening to a song sung by Ella Fitzgerald. It is called Stone Cold Dead In the Market (He Had It Coming) It is refreshingly non-sexist. And yet horrible. Stone Cold In the Market.

A Shy Woman On A Sunny Afternoon

Pictures of assassinations, either mob  hits, or KKK lynchings, or political killings have become morbid icons. From the assassination of Julius Caesar, to the hit on Bugsy Seagal, or the photos of Che’s Guevera’s corpse.

The work I have been doing lately is in appearance more choppy, almost chaotic at first, the pieces seemingly placed haphazardly on the page. But on a closer look you will notice how strategically each piece makes some sense. I must say that this goes directly back to the work of  Stezaker. I have mentioned him before. Assassination of Louis Debrozo

The Modern Era

July 29, 2009

I just finished working on this piece. When we were kids we had a history book called The Modern Era. It was a history of the contemporary world. But to call it ‘modern’ seems to be the ultimate in arrogance. First it was the 1960s and second it was mostly about western Europe and North America. The word ‘modern’ made it sound like history had reached a pinnacle, upon which time would stop and humanity would all take a well deserved holiday.

The Modern Era

The Artist Ed Kuris Before His Legendary Breakdown In San Paolo, PeruEd Kuris is an artist who lives in Guelph Ontario Canada. He has never been to Peru but I always think its important to create a mythology around artists and so I added this little bit to Ed’s. Google his name if  you want to see his work. It is outstanding.

I should have rip'd out his heartA close friend of mine was having a passionate relationship with a young man. I did not know the young man but I was glad my friend was involved with someone. She had been a lost soul for a long time, estranged from her family, in poor health, and in a large city far from  home. I was one of her lone friends. She met Harvey. (I can’t remember his name.) I’m tempted to say that his name was Glen because he resembled the country singer Glen Campbell (Campbell as a young man.) Bernice called me. I could feel the joy in her voice. Nothing made me so happy as to hear that lovely lilt in her laugh. Harvey and Bernice (I’ll call her Bernice) spent almost every hour with each other. In bed. Finally, after weeks of trying, I got a hold of Bernice. She was a mess. Not suicidal but profoundly sad. I asked what had happened. Harvey had told her that on the next long weekend he was getting married. That’s when Bernice told me that she should have rip’d his heart out. If he had one.

Mystery Woman #2

July 26, 2009

Have you ever been with someone who seemed always to be at arms length. Like a stranger. They always seem to be guarded. Almost stupid. Except they are far from it. But in another place. I had a lover like that. We would meet occasionally, have dinner, go out to a club, return to her place and make love and then I would leave the next day not knowing anymore about her than I knew the first moment I met  her. My wife accuses me of being like that sometimes. How frustrating that must be for her. Sometimes I think that once dead it will be as if I was never alive.


Mystery Woman #1

July 24, 2009


Sometimes I have named my pics before, during or after completing the work. In this case I could not come up with a name so she remained a mystery to me. Like a girl that I had fallen in love with at college. From afar. We exchanged glances in classes, in halls, on campus for weeks but never spoke. She had long pitch black hair. I thought she was Native. Her last name was Redbird. Some time during the year she left school and moved with her boyfriend to Alberta to work on a reservation as a teacher. I later learned that she was Jewish.

Family Photograph

July 20, 2009

Family Photograph

I challenged myself to make something of the scraps of pictures (left overs from other work) that I had sitting on my workshop table. I think that it worked out quite well. There is a second version of this, only slightly altered.

Family Photograph V2

The Spoils of War

July 18, 2009

I created 2 versions of this work. Actually I’m doing a lot of that recently. First because its fun and secondly because I need to learn more things about photoshop. Someone asked me if my ideas came before I created a piece of work or after when I made something up to fit the content of the piece. Otherwards, was I a preacher or a bullshiter? Both of course. And then some.

See my new book Trash.

The second version is as follows. There is not a huge difference between the two.

The Spoils of War 1a

The Spoils of War 2a

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