So Long Marianne

July 8, 2009

An crusty and more street wise Marianne. She was a sweet girl with a seed of pessimism in her soul. Or maybe that’s just the romantic in me.

Sweet Mariannev2

Mrs. Upper

July 8, 2009

Mrs. UpperMrs. Upper was my grade four teacher. She seemed old. Maybe she was forty. And she had a manly grandma feel about her. She was warm.

Hers was the first class in which I felt successful. Perhaps it was over so simple task like multiplication tables which were all the thing back then. Maybe I wrote a poem. One always retains good memories from people who patted you on the back.

This is one of the simpler collages that I have created. It is made up of 3 pics. Nothing else was done to it. This simple approach is why I like so many of Stezaker’s pieces. They are simple. He must be a very brave artist because his work is so close to failing when it succeeds.

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