I had a vision of God as a kind of workman. Decent, honest. Never overdoes it. But always shows up on time. And never cuts corners. Even if the boss isn’t around which in God’s terms was never. I figure he wakes up about 4:40, just before sunlight, puts a little time on the treadmill (God is concerned about his weight). Then showers. Has a substantial breakfast. (Tries to minimize his intake of butter and bacon.) Dresses in modest but clean clothes. Gives the honey a kiss on her forehead (she is still asleep or doesn’t exist yet) and then he is off. God is workmanlike. He doesn’t have an axe to grind. Isn’t malicious or vengeful. He just does  his job. And maybe he has a partner. To help. And maybe that partner is a guy. We shouldn’t judge God. He might get pissed.An Afternoon Amongst The Meadows of June4thversion

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