Julia Joops in Psycho

October 28, 2009

Why do we want to be scared? Out of our minds? Why do people laugh when someone sneaks up behind someone and screams ‘BOO!’ It feels prehistoric. Like we tap into some awful terror that stalks us from our ancestral past. Would it work on an alien? I think I’d like to try on Prime Minister Harper. I’ll bet he doesn’t flinch.

Julia Joops in Psycho

I saw her laugh

October 26, 2009

Many years ago. A tall awkward looking girl staggered through the campus with her two friends. They were drunk. She saw me and gave me a kiss. Asked me to call her the next day. And not to forget her. I did not call her. But I never forgot her.

I Saw Her Laugh V2

We need a God. All the great works of art. War – the conquest of one group over another. The sacrifices.  The accumulation of wealth. Valor. Honour. The pledges of love. The waste. Time lost. For everything. If our civilization disappears. As it will. Like so many before it. And everything returns to dust.  We need to feel that someone noticed we were here.

And The Meaning Of The Word Was Lost On The FireBV

Beginning a new series

October 16, 2009

I started a new series on my other blog sight called The Lives of Dead Jazz Singers. It is a series about female jazz singers. The sight is called the power of h.


Hitler’s dream room

October 12, 2009

Evil. On a large scale. One thinks of Adolf Hitler. Before the 20th century, perhaps one thought of Attila the Hun. Or Genghis Khan. But what is it about this monster, Hitler (even his name has a ring of the frightening) that makes one nervously curious? Germany was one of the most civilized of nations. It was the crib of Mozart and Beethoven, Kant and Hegel. It is as if Jack the Ripper became head of the Disney Studios.

Hitler's dream room v3.jpg2of2

Hitler's dream room v3.jpg1of2

Hitler's dream room v4

Julien Pacaud

October 12, 2009

I love this guy, Julien Pacaud’s work. It has that Marx Bros. zaniness about it. And you can’t get too much zaniness.

episode15.jpg julien pacaud

episode13.jpg julien pacaud

Via Keller

October 12, 2009

This is the work of Via Keller. The work shown is vast and colourful. It is the kind of collage work that emphasizes colour which can be either beautiful to look at or distracting. Story telling is often sacrificed to visual gluttony. I remember having the same feeling when walking through the Papal Apartments in the Vatican. But the sight is interesting and Via is certainly an accomplished artist.

dryad.jpg Via Keller

bloomwinter.jpg Via Keller

I had this notion that a couple could have a threesome if one of them was bi-polar.

The Threesome With Blair TalbotBV

We had a guy in college called Sammy the Mooch. He was always stealing other guys’ food from the refrigerator. No matter that it was labelled with your name, Sammy would steal it. Weird Harold, a chemistry student, got tired of seeing his food disappear so he spiked his coke. And he put a big sign on it warning that no one should take it. Sammy couldn’t help himself. He drank half the bottle. The spiked coke made Sammy’s urine turn purple. We convinced him that he had gonorrhea.

Pleased as punch Sammy the MoochV1

My grandfather had a farm on Prince Edward Island. It lay in the folds of a small valley. (There are no hills on the island.) There were four girls in my mother’s family with similar laughs. Their laughter was contagious. When one would laugh the other three would join in. Their laughter echoed throughout the vale. It was like music.

Down On The Farm, Under The Apple TreeV4BV

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