Ships Ahoy!

January 24, 2010

I don’t think I had titles for the originals of these. I couldn’t figure out what to call them so I gave them numbers. A lot of them were surreal attempts at balance. Birds in air. Ships on water. Flowers on legs. Legs on tip toes. The question I now ask is, why balance? Why is there balance in the human face? On the human frame? In nature? etc. Good and evil? God and satan? Right and wrong? Is it because non-balance could not survive? Does evolution insist on two sides to every coin? Balance is beauty. Why beauty?

3 Responses to “Ships Ahoy!”

  1. I esp like the way you handled the figures on the bottom right. Reminds me of Vic Muniz with his chocolate paintings.

  2. thank you. I’m going to look up Mr. Muniz.

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