November – Something happened

April 14, 2010

November – Something happened

November was always there. Like the sun. Orange. Her hair as fiery as her personality. She could not be controlled. When I was five, I was beaten up. By a kid named Dennis. November, who was a year younger than me, stalked up the street and waited outside his door.  When Dennis stepped out of his house, she socked him. Right in the nose. We moved to the suburbs. I slipped into the neighbourhood kid culture. Easily. Playing sports. Not so with November. She would not obey the commands of other kids in the neighbourhood. She would not comply. So they bullied her. Invited her to parties at houses. Where no one was home. Invited her to the library to take out books. Then slipped out and left November alone. When she showed up an hour or so later they waited. On their door steps. Laughing. They tried to make her feel small and insignificant. I noticed. But felt helpless to do anything. And then there was high school. For me, it was a long nightmare. Loneliness. Rebellion. Anger. I hardly noticed November. She spent most of her time alone. Or with one or two friends.  The ugly duckling syndrome. And then when November was about 16 something happened. Boys began to notice her. They hung around. On motorcycles. In two toned sedans. Trying to make her laugh. Trying… to get a tan?  I went off to college. And didn’t notice November for a couple of years. November decided to go to the same southern Ontario university as myself. She showed up on campus in September. With her long red hair. Her nurses cape. And a long stem pipe. She knocked everyone out. The students. The teachers. For some years now she has been fighting a debilitating disease. And yet she will not be defeated. She will not comply. November is a force of nature. Like the sun. Forever. My sister.

3 Responses to “November – Something happened”

  1. kseverny said

    excellent absract work.
    very imaginative

  2. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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