December – All Good Things Must End

April 17, 2010

December – All Good Things Must End

I was wearing my denim jacket. The one that was prayed over at Lourdes. Might have had a toothpick in my teeth. Cuban heels. Sunglasses. Asleep on my head. Leaning against my motorcycle. I might have been wearing a grin. December stood there. Elegant. Like a tall thin wine glass. Hair long, flowing over her shoulders. A long printed dress that reached down to her ankles. She looked a maiden from the 15th century. Except for the cigarette. In her smile. I had 2 helmets. ‘Would you like to go for a ride?’

I had fallen in love. With Virginia Cherrill. In City Lights. The Chaplin film where the tramp falls in love with a blind flower girl. Who mistakes him for a rich duke. And now I could see that December was blind. To who I really was. A lonely displaced poet. Face down in his own terror. She thought I was some kind of matador. The kind face of rebellion. James Dean in orange hair. I tried to kiss her. December smiled. And I was gone. I phoned my sister. ‘I know exactly why I was put down here.’

Her boyfriend met me at the top of her street. Tall and gangly. A scar for a smile. His teeth were all messed up in a sneer. A set of nunchakus in his hands. ‘I’m going to beat the crap out of you.’ I looked at him. I didn’t smile. I looked at the weapon in his hand. ‘You ain’t going to beat anyone.’ I said. And walked by. Thinking he would attack me. From behind. When I looked back. He had disappeared.

December left the country. Returned to the lowlands. And called me one day. To come and get her. I sold my bike. Bought a suit. Cut my hair. Shaved my beard. I felt a little under dressed. Bought an airplane ticket. Landed in Brussels. December was waiting with her entire family. And didn’t recognize me. Six months later we were wed. Michael was born in the rainy season. A Horizon, a Saturn, and three kids later and December still hasn’t figured out who I am. And she isn’t alone.

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