murder – the mob unravelled him

June 2, 2010

The book ‘murder’ is characterized by a surreal filter. Examining human nature and behaviour without a sense of humour is too painful. And so the images and the poems have a jogular feel to them. The surreal is a function of horror. I’m thinking of Dante’s Inferno, Goya, Bosch, Coppola (Apocalypse Now). It is not merely an exercise in pointing out the characteristics of human nature. Something else. The horror of a world in which ‘reason’ takes second place to chaos. Where we operate/live/exist in the shadows of the true meaning of our existence. And that true meaning may be… nothing. We cry out to God or perhaps to an empty cosmos and declare that we deserve better than this.

judgement brought down

the jury slouched… back into the room

all 12 hung…………..their heads

the foreman fell apart

on the floor

and apologized.

the judge’s forehead cringed

tapping his thoughts

shaking his head

he washed his hands in gravel

‘I will not cast

the first stone.

the prisoner will be released into

the custody

of the mob

so that after his

lynching…………………..suspended sentence

no one

can claim he was robbed.

about the hanging

the courthouse poured out the crowd

who carried the accused


their finger tips……………beneath

………………………………….cracked plaster sky

a violin and the moon passed

twisted shaken trees

a sailor trembling on the beach

handcuff’d peasants on their knees

crystal tears silver smiles in a cage

haunting wailing choirs

a french girl

pointed………………………… to the flag pole

the mob unravelled him

and hung him

from the


where he waved in the wind


spectators (10)

a priest watched the crowd move away

sewing up their hearts

an emptied courthouse

mortar drifting between bricks

a bell tower that floated

like a buoy

the moon melted on the roof

its warm worried tongue

licking the night’s wounds.

a priest ascended into the sky

his mannequin fingers brushed back

his white straw hair

that wrote on his slender shoulders;

‘if we let it all be

it will surely freeze to death.

if we draw too close,

we melt it with our breath.’

2 Responses to “murder – the mob unravelled him”

  1. Hannah said

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  2. Riley said

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