The young Spanish men.

July 8, 2010

The beaches at Torremolinos have all the traditional aspects of other European beaches. There are the beaches themselves that are beautiful and go on for miles. You can rent small bed(?) to lie on. They are draped with sheer curtains. There are small cafes/restaurants where you can drink, dine, watch television, be entertained.

There are almost no lifeguards. And why is that? Because apparently no one swims. I did not see anyone in the water. And the weather was beautiful. It is a tourist area so many people are from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the northern parts of Spain. The men walk around the beaches and the walkways with their shirts off, proudly displaying their huge guts. Like they were some beast they had slain in a hunt. The women are either busily chatting with each other or seem lost in some philosophic argument about hedonism.

The young Spanish men who work most of the restaurants are very handsome. Actually they are prettier than the Spanish girls who work beside them. (e.g. the footballer David Villa)

I have never been a sun worshipper. My skin does not allow it. My disposition would not permit it. So I am perplexed by this ritual that people have of lieing in the sun for hours. They look so pleased when the day is at an end as if they have accomplished or witnessed something important. I suppose I have just missed the point of it all.

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