Lesbian Love and the end of the world

July 23, 2010

I just returned from a few days at a cottage north of Toronto. It was very beautiful and very peaceful. There are a lot of cottages on this lake and though not palaces they are comfortable and very expensive to purchase or rent. We had a wonderful meal, drank some wine and began to talk about the end of the world. Consensus was that human kind had really screwed  up the environment. There was not agreement on whether we could solve our problems. Humans had been in great difficulties before but had managed to pull through. Perhaps this time we would not. I looked out the window of the cottage at the lake and noticed, in the waning light, a loon landing on the water. There were no doubt many people having the same discussion as us. And I wondered if there wasn’t a kind of malais amongst people, a depressing feeling that we were too late to save ourselves.

2 Responses to “Lesbian Love and the end of the world”

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