Amy Whinehouse?

August 31, 2010

I did this collage today and after it was finished I thought it looked like Amy Whinehouse.


August 30, 2010

Avignon.  A city I would like to visit. It is often called the city of popes. It is where the French popes were housed. The south of France has always intriqued me. My wife and I have talked about the next place we would like to visit (Greece or Vietnam have come up) but now this city intriques me.

Ron Mueck

August 29, 2010

Going to see this piece done by Ron Mueck. Fabulous stuff. If you have the opportunity you should check him out.

Dogs are tyrants

August 26, 2010

Went to see an old friend yesterday. Went with another old friend. Been friends over 50 years. I’m the tallest. We used to be the same height. Our friend has a dog. About 2 years old. This dog (don’t ask me the breed because I have no idea.) is boundless in its energy. And she wants to play all the time. And she is up in your face. She completely dominates your existence. If a human being loved you with such intensity, you’d find it suffocating. Dogs are tyrants. Their love is despotic. Hitler loved dogs. They had a lot in common. And dogs love other dogs with as much intensity. We went for a walk with the dog and he was hugging and kissing and sniffing every dog we met. As you can guess, I am not a dog person. I just feel uncomfortable being adored that much by any living creature. Did I mention that the dog was cute?

Swinging Lifestyle

August 24, 2010

I went to see my mother today at the retirement home. During our conversation she brought up the subject of wife swapping, of the swinging lifestyle. Understand that my mother is a very religious Catholic and that she is closing in on 90. These are not the kind of conversations you want to have with your mother. I pretended that I didn’t know what she was talking about.

Lost in the fog

August 24, 2010

I feel lost in the fog of my life.

Under the weather. What an apt phrase to describe feeling ill. It is Shakespearean in its economy of words and its clarity of image. I wonder if someone could take a copyright out on the expression. Be paid everytime it is used. It seems to me that folks are taking out all kinds of intellectual property copyrights. I submitted some work for a contest recently and I was asked if I had taken out a copyright on the poems. Would someone steal a poem and call it their own? Would they make millions on my work? And can I be sure that someone esle’s ideas/images haven’t slipped into my subconscious and appeared on the page under my name? In fact, I think it would be impossible for anyone to create something in isolation from all other factors. I am not advocating plagiarism. But so many people guard their prized little insights as if they were little Napoleons. Or maybe all this is coming out because I feel like shit. And its raining outside. And I’m under…

Pauline Fromm

August 21, 2010

I wanted to devote this to an old school chum, Pauline Fromm. In high school she was one of our top students, a fine athlete and a glamorous young lady. A student of history she became quite active in university politics. Beginning on the far left of the political spectrum she switched to the far right after a disastrous love affair with one of her professors. Along with two other students she started a neo-fascist group called The Last Stand. They were opposed to the opposition to the Vietnam War. When the war ended and thus the anti-war demonstrations, Fromm and others fell out of favor. Pauline went through nursing school and became a registered RN. It was while working in the E.R. that Fromm became aware of the growing threat of outsiders, immigrants, refugees, and people with accents. She started a new group of activists called NOW. Her zealous recruitment of her fellow workers got her into trouble with the hospital authorities and her license to practice nursing was reversed. Several years later, Now morphed with several other far right groups forming The White Light.

What is the reason for archetypal figures? And are there so many that we cannot distinguish individuals from those types? Do we in fact know anyone except as some kind of generalization? He or she is this or that type of person. Are we incapable as human beings in seeing individuality? The idea is frightening. Do we know anyone, even our most loved ones, our mates, our children? Ourselves?

MM is an icon. But for what. She married and divorced both a great baseball player and a great playwright. She was the lover of a President and his brother. She was passed around at parties like chip dip. She had no remarkable talent. She never said anything that was interesting or thought provoking. Her film image was of innocence and voluptuosness. A kind of Greek creature, half lamb, half serpent. Or was she just an empty vessel that people projected their own notions. A kind of blanc canvas. To me, she is the opposite of Hitler (the icon of evil). She is the icon of post war (WW2) innocence… You see, I’ve done it as well.

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