Anger and Gordon Lightfoot

August 13, 2010

This piece reminds me of Gordon Lightfoot. Maybe its the use of flight. Lightfoot is a tremendous talent both as a songwriter and performer. But he was never angry. Anger is a garment a young man wears. It allows him to play a role. The Rebel. The Social Critic. The Prophet. The Poet. Anger solidifies the young man’s relationship with the world. It focus’s his thoughts. His passions. But much of it is a fraud. A pose. Posturing. But when you are at a certain age, anger is all you have. It gives your life meaning. It keeps you away from the abyss. Of course not all men ride their anger. They turn to drugs, alcohol, sports, accounting. But those who stay angry become shaped by it. That’s what makes young men dangerous. And attractive. The world wide.

2 Responses to “Anger and Gordon Lightfoot”

  1. Sandra Kelly said

    These set of collages are the best I have ever seen. Are any of them for sale and where?

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