Pauline Fromm

August 21, 2010

I wanted to devote this to an old school chum, Pauline Fromm. In high school she was one of our top students, a fine athlete and a glamorous young lady. A student of history she became quite active in university politics. Beginning on the far left of the political spectrum she switched to the far right after a disastrous love affair with one of her professors. Along with two other students she started a neo-fascist group called The Last Stand. They were opposed to the opposition to the Vietnam War. When the war ended and thus the anti-war demonstrations, Fromm and others fell out of favor. Pauline went through nursing school and became a registered RN. It was while working in the E.R. that Fromm became aware of the growing threat of outsiders, immigrants, refugees, and people with accents. She started a new group of activists called NOW. Her zealous recruitment of her fellow workers got her into trouble with the hospital authorities and her license to practice nursing was reversed. Several years later, Now morphed with several other far right groups forming The White Light.

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