Dogs are tyrants

August 26, 2010

Went to see an old friend yesterday. Went with another old friend. Been friends over 50 years. I’m the tallest. We used to be the same height. Our friend has a dog. About 2 years old. This dog (don’t ask me the breed because I have no idea.) is boundless in its energy. And she wants to play all the time. And she is up in your face. She completely dominates your existence. If a human being loved you with such intensity, you’d find it suffocating. Dogs are tyrants. Their love is despotic. Hitler loved dogs. They had a lot in common. And dogs love other dogs with as much intensity. We went for a walk with the dog and he was hugging and kissing and sniffing every dog we met. As you can guess, I am not a dog person. I just feel uncomfortable being adored that much by any living creature. Did I mention that the dog was cute?

2 Responses to “Dogs are tyrants”

  1. ed said

    it was a great day but
    you guys stayed too long..

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