Ella Fitzgerald (via Saints of Jazz)

September 6, 2010

Listening to the sweet sounds of Ella. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbL9vr4Q2LU

Ella Fitzgerald Ella Fitzgerald (April 25, 1917 – June 15, 1996) A brown eyed girl. Notoriously shy. Sitting on a lonely window sill. Knees under her chin. Poison heartache. Strumming the pain with her nails. The heat pipes are growling. Her stomach. Harmonizing. Outside the drunken sun has stumbled. Into an alley. Looking for someone to blame. Night. Juiced up. Dressed up like a paramour. Wooing the ladies. Who have their hands in his pocket. And their knees on … Read More

via Saints of Jazz

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