Ugly woman, ugly man

September 6, 2010

It was college. Went to a wine and cheese party. Got drunk. Really drunk. Met a girl. One thing led to another. I took her home. Made a date for that Saturday night. The next day she phoned up all of her friends and told them about the party. About us. Said that I would probably cancel our date. Said that I was too good looking for her. I didn’t cancel the date. We went out. Didn’t have such a great time. I kept looking at her. She wasn’t pretty. But there was something about her that was comfortable. She told me at the end of the evening that I would never have to go out with her again. She knew that she wasn’t pretty enough. We never went out again. Later that year I was a contestant in a charity run, to raise money for cancer research. The contest was to see who was the ugliest guy on campus. Whoever got the most donations was deemed the ugliest. I campaigned hard. I came in second place. I never thought I was ugly. Never took looks personally.

2 Responses to “Ugly woman, ugly man”

  1. Sadie said

    Rattling nice design and style and fantastic articles, hardly anything else we need :D.

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