The Singularly Directional Universe

October 1, 2010

The idea that the universe works in one direction, that it is breaking down, aging, is interesting. It treats the universe as a changing entity. As being alive. But consciousness is never explained in this process. Why do we open our eyes? (Not just us but all beings, even the lowly carrot.) Why do we reach out into the universe? What purpose does being alive serve? The usual response about God doesn’t answer the question. It just invites another question.

Recently I read about the Big Crunch, that the universe will one day reach a certain peak and it will be set into reverse, heading back toward the Big Crunch when we’ll all be crammed into an elevator about the size of the pin hole of the Big Bang. And in that trip we will pass back through time. Through history. And won’t that be fun. We’ll call it the Big Fun.

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