The End of Love

November 13, 2010

This piece was created about a girl I met in college. We had planned to meet after our history exam. (I thought it was the beginning of a new relationship.) She had a new motorcycle and she was going to give me a ride. Maybe the exam went poorly for her because when I left the building where the exams were held, I couldn’t find her. In fact I never saw her again. Checked out the places where we had hung out together. No luck. It remains a mystery. And it reminds me of a article I read about getting older. Many older people had regrets. One old lady said that she regreted that she would never fall in love again. I know that this sounds a bit like sentimental drivel. But it also speaks to the loneliness that comes over you as you get older. And your children move away. And your partner/mate passes on or moves on. And you look back to old loves, that first look. That first touch. That first uncomfortable silence. Those clumsy banal words of affection. That breath of relief when she/he responds. Never to happen again.

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