Can we judge God?

November 19, 2010

When we go to our final judgement do we get to a rebuttal? Can we make a judgement on God? His activities over the last several eons. An intelligent and loving God would have no choice (in my view) but to listen to us. And would it affect him? Has it not occured to him that he might be guilty of crimes against humanity?… It would make an interesting play. Sounds like something Sartre might have written. But then, he was an atheist.

3 Responses to “Can we judge God?”

  1. ghadah said

    i often have arguments with god in my head. being a muslim from quite a conservative family, we were always ordered not to question god or anything to do with our religion for that matter. ‘what a dictator,’ i would think. and what an ego! if you think of god as a person, as someone who lives and IS so that people would worship him, is that the kind of person you’d want to meet at a party, or to be a friend with? or even an acquaintance.
    but i hope i never have to argue with god because i’m shitty at orally articulating my defense. can i write him an e-mail instead?

  2. I went through a Catholic school system. Taught by the Basilian fathers. They encouraged you to question everything or at least to put it on the table and discuss it. Even Catholic doctrine was up for debate. Consequently I read people like Sartre and Camus. Over the years I have leaned towards Kierkegaard’s position on God. God being that presence you feel when you come to the border of your own knowledge or experience. That silence at night. That shadow in the daylight.

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