Eric Sevareid

November 23, 2010

I am approaching the age when one should be wiser, more detached, more analytical. I am reminded of Eric Sevaried’s cool disposition as he analyzed the days events on the CBS News. One could see the terrible violence in 1970s American streets and the streets of Vietnam. And yet Mr. Sevareid spoke calmly. Like that eye in the hurricane. I trusted him. I do not see that wise and cool demeanor amongst any of the news commentators. Fox. Beck. Reilly. They are just part of the fire. They are more inclined to rub salt in the wound then to try and heal it. Reminding me of the used car salesmen I used to see on the local Buffalo news casts. In a time when America is in trouble, many in the news media are more interested in their careers. It has become a society totally immersed in naval gazing. There is an old definition of leadership that goes something like – ‘leadership is keeping your head when everyone around you is losing their’s’. Mr. Obama keeps his head. But no one in America seems to have noticed.

2 Responses to “Eric Sevareid”

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