The age of anxiety

January 24, 2011

Only the examined life is worth living. I visit my mother in the retirement home and she tells me that the world is a dangerous place. She sees it on television. We know more about everything and sooner than any group of people in history. And yet we live in fear. (check out all the horror films that flourish.) This is the age of anxiety. Recently I discovered a tumor in my brain. It has affected my hearing and balance. It is benign. And the doctors suggest that we just monitor it over the next few years. An operation would do more harm than the tumor is doing. You’d think that I would be relieved. Instead I have become incredibly anxious. Can’t sleep. Stomach is in a knot. I tried to stay busy. The doctor has recommended some tranqs to calm me down. Knowledge has made me anxious. And yet my anxiety has opened my eyes to all the anxiety I see around. We’re all so damn nervous. We have acquired an appetite for worrying.

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