A profound sense of wonder.

January 26, 2011

In one of Bob Dylan’s song he says “in all things beautiful, there’s been some kind of pain” (or words to that affect). As I grow older I see beauty and pain. But what I don’t see is a reason. A reason why we are here. And that reason always comes down to the existence of a supreme being. God. I see his shadow. His breath. But not Him/Her.  His/Her’s absence leaves a knot in my gut and a profound sense of wonder.

3 Responses to “A profound sense of wonder.”

  1. i think each is meant to discover the reason for him/herself. it is nowhere pre(di)scribed.

  2. But what if you never discover the reason? Or there is no reason to discover? It is this chasm before all of us. Like standing over the Grand Canyon. Do you step forward?

  3. Would you be occupied with exchanging hyperlinks?

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