Pain threshold

March 9, 2011

I hate feeling uncomfortable. I have some kind of pain in my leg. (My wife thinks I’m a wimp.)  I think it is arthritis. Could hardly walk upstairs. I had a sudden revelation of old age. I used to kid around about being an old man. And now I am one. The aging process leaves one bewildered. Thinking about the meaning of life has a lot to do with one’s pain threshold. I’m not sure if you come out on the pessimistic/optimistic viewpoint depending upon one’s pain in life. It would be common sensible to think that if one has had it rough, one would become despondent about life. Though you never know. (There is no time in this discussion for the Hallmark views on life.)  Why are we here? Why am I here? Maybe they’re the wrong questions. And yet I’ve been asking them most of my life.

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