Little Victor Genova and his sand castles

April 21, 2011

Just came back from my heart doctor. Young woman, tall, blonde, about 26 years old, beautiful, went in before me. She looked stressed. Came out the same way. Made an appointment for an MRI. And then rushed out the door. Into her life. All her schedules have been changed. All her assumptions have been changed. There is something about good health that makes us both arrogant and stupid. We forget. This is temporary. History is a shoreline on a sunny afternoon. Where the gentle waves roll in and wash away our sand castles.

2 Responses to “Little Victor Genova and his sand castles”

  1. segmation said

    I hope that the waves roll in really gently. Have you had a chance yet to start building your sand castle? Here’s my blog that I think you will find interesting: Thanks for allowing my comment.

  2. fabulous stuff. You should put people, horses, bushes into your sandcastles. Collage it up.

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