Alien forces

May 12, 2011

Perhaps this will sound ‘mad’. Let me explain. For my generation everyone remembers where they were when Kennedy was assassinated. I recall walking around with my friend through the streets. It was a beautiful sunny day. But everything was out of kilter. Women walked by us quietly weeping. A bus had pulled over to the side of the road. The doors were open. Only the driver was in the bus and he was staring straight ahead. Years later writing about this experience I included in the images of that day, a white horse running free through the hydro field. I can’t remember if the horse existed or if I made him up. Most likely the ladder. There was in the horse a sense of joy. As if something wonderful had been released in this day of utter sadness. What had been released? Reality. We had all been asleep. Caught up in the dream of our own lives, in the lives of the Kennedy family. Man, as a social animal, tends to look inwards upon his own activities as if those activities were invulnerable to larger and alien forces.

3 Responses to “Alien forces”

  1. matt laclear {scam|scammer|ripoff} said

    Right on!

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