I’ve never heard a rock laugh

May 26, 2011

I was reading an article some time ago which puzzled me. It stated that all the mathematics that works for our 3 dimensional world plus time also works for a 2 dimensional world. Our world is an animation. (This is also called the halographic principle.)  Many years ago I was a teaching assistant in philosophy. And I suggested to a bunch of undergraduates that the people walking away from us outside our window weren’t actually moving away. They were just getting smaller. Of course this idea is very ego centric. If it applied to everyone then each of our experiences would cancel out our neighbours. Still it was fun. And I think that’s what is intriguing about a lot of ideas that are speculative. They are fun. We play with ideas. Not because we necessarily believe that they will lead anywhere but because they are fun. And fun defines consciousness. I’ve never heard a rock laugh. (But I am not totally dismissing the possibility.)

One Response to “I’ve never heard a rock laugh”

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