God is lazy…

May 28, 2011

Many young people are accused of being lazy. Of course this isn’t true. They’re doing things but just not OUR things. Many of those things are passive which is one of the attributes of being lazy. Listening to their ipads, or surfing the net, or texting. But these are activities that involve… involvement. They are interrelating. To be really lazy requires years of training. Many older people have mastered laziness. Except they resent it. The last thing they want to do is sit in a chair. And look. Most older people are still chained to a desire to be useful. The perfectly lazy person must be useless. He must not be engaged. (Which the Sunday couch potato football spectator is not. He is engaged.) To be honest, there are very few lazy people. It is just too difficult. I suppose God is lazy. What has he done lately? But outside heaven, the only truly lazy person is the man fishing. (Not fly fishing). Dropping your hook in the water. (No worm on it. Maybe a piece of corn for appearances sake.) Sitting by a pond where no one has seen fish for generations. Letting your mind empty out. And waiting. It is almost zen like.

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