I’m allergic to fish

May 29, 2011

I was at my friend Victor’s house. He and his bride had invited my girlfriend and I for dinner. We were sitting in the backyard when he pointed out the snails crawling up the tree of knowledge that grew out of the middle of Victor’s patio. I saw snails as the land version of shrimp. Where were they headed? Did they know that they were climbing up a tree or did they think it was just a steep hill on a routine stroll? Victor wanted to talk about viagra. But I was intriqued by the snails. Didn’t they know that there were birds up there? Didn’t birds eat snails? I couldn’t help thinking that our lives were not much different than the snail’s. We have no idea what awaits us. And yet we plod on. I wondered if the snails in their snail fashion had the same thoughts as I. I looked up the tree. There were two birds on the top branch. I imagined the birds looking down at the snails climbing toward them. One bird turned to his buddy and said, “I’m allergic to fish.”

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