At Any Moment

June 12, 2011

I love alien movies. Aliens are always dropping by and devastating our cities. (They always seem to know where the capital of a country is.) One of my favourites was Earth Versus The Flying Saucers. This film was sandwiched between two other favourites of mine, War of the Worlds and The Day The Earth Stood Still.  Some have speculated that this group of films success during the 1950s was due to the cold war hysteria. The aliens were really the Russians. I think it was the bogey man under the bed theory. Many children, myself included, have been terrified by the possibility that someone was under our bed and if we even attempted to leave the bed, they would grab our foot and drag us under. Into the darkness. Where does this experience come from? Is it some deep hidden fear that our ancient ancestors felt. Perhaps a sabre tooth tiger slipping into a camp sight and dragging one of them off. Or perhaps it is the randomness of events. Death. Illness. Accidents. Did we create this fear ourselves. With too active an imagination? Or is there something out there. That we should be afraid of. That may arrive. At any moment?

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