Fuzzy to Felix

June 18, 2011

For over twenty three years Fuzzy was with us. She was a long hair. Liked classical music. Interesting for a cat. She was small. And very smart. Einstein like in the feline world.  Had a litter when she was young. Mostly kept to my son. M was a difficult teenager and I think Fuzzy got him through that. When Fuzzy’s organs began to shut down we told M that Fuzzy would have to be put down. He took her to the vet and held Fuzzy as she was given the shot. Later he gave her body to me. I buried her in the backyard under a pile of large rocks.

A few months later our youngest daughter N brought home a small black and white cat. She called him Felix. Felix is a slow learner. He gets lost in bags. But he is very affectionate. Some nights he comes up and sleeps right next to my face. His eyes peering into mine. He wakes you up at the appropriate hour (his time) with the soft pad of his paw on your face.

Our relationship with our domestic animals (dogs and cats) is very particular. I don’t know any other species that has pets. Except us. Maybe thats what seperates humans, cats, and dogs, from the rest of nature. Now, what seperates us from cats and dogs?

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