Fear of friends

June 20, 2011

Iole. What a lovely name. Looks lovely. (Pronounced Yoe-lee) A girl I knew many decades ago. She was always laughing. In public. Crying. In private. Thats what I remember. Hardly seems fair but that’s what memory is like. It slots so many people you meet. Especially when you’re young. I find that as I get older (or old) I have less interest in making friends. (Unless they are work related.) Especially women. Fear. Still. Of falling in love. Closing in on 70 and these are the kind of thoughts that are rusting up my gears. I hope Iole had a good life.

One Response to “Fear of friends”

  1. I suppose I would just like to say I am an instant fan of your writing. I am really enjoying reading your written thoughts.. Thank you for sharing them.

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