The Royals. Kate and what’s his name

July 1, 2011

All I see on the TV, newspapers, net, are stories about. Kate and what’s his name. The royals. Its making me ill. My wife says whats wrong with appealing to the natural urge to fantasize. So much of our lives are meshed in fantasy. Romance novels. Pornography. Some would say religion. Some would say politics. Is culture a fantasy? Is it the kind of mesh that both orders and defines our experience? Is culture different than reality? Is the human experience relevant to anything larger than human beings? Kant would say that we can not know reality. Many scientists would say that the only vista into reality is through mathematics. I think what’s his name is going bald.

One Response to “The Royals. Kate and what’s his name”

  1. Kristin Brænne said

    Stay excellent!

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