July 3, 2011

Americans are celebrating their day of Independence on Monday. There are no people who celebrate so wonderfully as Americans. Other nations are somewhat cooler to their own histories. Perhaps because they have learned about the dark pages of their own past. But Americans relish the moment. They are a people of the moment. Of now. That is of course the source of their confidence and some might say ignorance. Most of my heroes as a young man were Americans. John F. Kennedy, Mohammed Ali, John Huston, John Ford, Bob Dylan, Duke Ellington, Willie Mays, Jim Brown. I could not make a list that long of Canadians. Or perhaps members of any other nation. I have loved Americans. On a private level. And on a public level. But they also frighten me. They are like teenagers. Full of energy. Self-centred. Fun. Selfish. I hope all of them enjoy their July 4th. Be careful.

2 Responses to “Americans”

  1. David, what a cool looking image. I like this one. It speaks volumes. I like the way you incorporated the fish and sharks. By the way I notice your list of Americans heroes omitted women, so I will name a few of my own…Billie Holiday, Angela Davis, Nikki Giovanni, Hillary Clinton, Mia Hamm, Rachel Maddow, and of course the most heroic heroine my mother Rosabelle Smith.

  2. Just as an aside. The little boy in the illustration is Hitler as a child.

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