Victor Genova the alpha male wannabe

July 3, 2011

My friend Victor Genova is not an alpha male. This illustration is dedicated to him. But there is some confusion on that front. Some guys think they are alpha males because they are jerks. Alpha males are egotists, but so are most males. I know a guy who is an alpha male. And he’s gay.

Its more of an attitude. Another alpha friend of mine was very aggressive with the opposite sex. He never heard ‘no’. Women did love him. He was charming. And drunk most of the time. I liked him. Most guys like alpha males. There was a fellow at college that we called ‘Moose’. Very popular with the ladies. He was an alpha male. Big. Charming. Good looking. When he put his sights on a girl, very few could resist him. And other guys liked him. He wasn’t dumb. He graduated in the top quarter of his class at law school.

So what is an alpha male? First of all, there are very few of them. They are like ‘bigfoot’. They know themselves. Very few are self-deluded. Women mistake it for confidence. They are leaders. Though they tend to shun the spotlight. Although they are athletic, very few are athletes. They are aggressive with women. And can be careless lovers. They lose at cards. And drive ten year old cars. Some of them drink too much. They don’t deal well with boredom. They are not fearless. But when a situation demands action, they take the reigns. (The closest example in film would be Steve McQueen)

When I was in my twenties and thirties I was often mistaken for an alpha male. I frightened some women. Others thought that my detachment and loss of focus was endearing. Men liked me. Yes, gay men too. But I fooled them all. I was a poet.

3 Responses to “Victor Genova the alpha male wannabe”

  1. Never could figure out what an Alpha Male was. Thanks for enlightening me. Now when I look in the mirror I can pose another question about who am I. 🙂

  2. I don’t look too often in the mirror these days. I’m not sure who that guy staring back at me is.

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