Maybe yes. Maybe no.

July 9, 2011

One of the questions that I think collages ask (this must seem obvious) is the state of reality. Reality hasn’t been the same since Descartes. ‘I think therefore I am.’ Of course that doesn’t help the ’57 Chev much. Physicists are asking some questions about reality.  And then there’s Schroedinger’s Cat. Or does a tree falling in the middle of the forest make any noise if there’s no one to hear it? The question is, does reality depend on us?

Maybe yes, maybe no. (A quantum mechanics joke.) Collages point toward this question. If you take images that already exist, can you create a new image? That is, the whole is greater than the parts. Or, reality is not restricted to ‘what is’. There is always ‘what is’… ‘plus’. Does reality include all possible outcomes? Even outcomes we are not aware. Therefore, reality is not dependent upon us. We do not create, we discover.

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