A cigarette smoker in a dark room

July 15, 2011

I was intrigued by something Kierkegaard presented. In my undergrad years. No, he wasn’t my professor. Wrong country. Wrong century. He talked about God as being something on the edge of our consciousness. That unknown. That we could feel all the time. I have felt something akin to that. That our understanding of our existence was just a wee bit out of our reach. I felt the key. Like you would the breath of a cigarette smoker in a dark room.

Suppose consciousness was not supposed to  happen. That it is alien to the rest of existence.

Imagine there is no God. Imagine we are an accident. Or at least that our species rising to the top of the food chain is just luck.

Existence without a direction (a director) is very bizarre.

One Response to “A cigarette smoker in a dark room”

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