Edward R. Murrow

July 22, 2011

This piece reminded me of someone. A man. Edward R. Murrow. Not in its substance. But in its spirit. Murrow is one of my heroes. From when I was a kid. There was something about him. The cigarette in his fingers. Smoke rising up passed his eyes. Eyes that stared straight ahead. Unflinching. I watched him on television as much as I could. My parents were very patient with me. With little education themselves, they loved  the fact that I was interested in someone so austere, so magesterial. Ideas were important.

Here is Murrow’s in one of his television speeches. He addresses Mr. McCarthy.

Here is a part of Murrow’s speech as portrayed by David Strathairn.

Here are some quotes from the guy:

A reporter is always concerned with tomorrow. There’s nothing tangible of yesterday. All I can say I’ve done is agitate the air ten or fifteen minutes and then boom – it’s gone.
Edward R. Murrow

Anyone who isn’t confused really doesn’t understand the situation.
Edward R. Murrow

Difficulty is the excuse history never accepts.
Edward R. Murrow

Everyone is a prisoner of his own experiences. No one can eliminate prejudices – just recognize them.
Edward R. Murrow

Fame is morally neutral.
Edward R. Murrow

Good night, and good luck.
Edward R. Murrow

If we were to do the Second Coming of Christ in color for a full hour, there would be a considerable number of stations which would decline to carry it on the grounds that a Western or a quiz show would be more profitable.

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