That brazen little hussy

August 3, 2011

We are prisoners of our senses. And yet. It is those senses that allow us to reach out into the world. Allow the world to reach into us. So the brain, and this is an old metaphor, sits like an old man in a room trying to figure it all out. We were once dust. Either time or God, depending upon your leaning, gave us consciousness. An article in the NY Times Bood Supplement discussed the “The Perplexities of Consciousness” by Eric Schwitzgebel.

We misinterpret our perceptions. Seems to be the focus of the book. Using only our eyes and ears, we have lost the full dimension of human experience. And so the data fed to the brain is soured.  The old man screws up. ‘Hey, I’m only human.”  We could go back to Kant and start discussing the difference between phenomena and noumena. What I am curious about is how much our understanding of the world is affected by our new sense? The Net. It is one more step removed from reality (nature). The old man doesn’t like this sense. “I don’t trust that brazen little hussy.”

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