Genova: My Arch Enemy

August 7, 2011

I could not believe he could be this clever. Its that clown attitude he has. And the red nose. So he convinces me. He being Victor Genova. Me being me. A gentle hearted soul. Who has few things in this world he cannot stand. One being wet asphalt. Another being Joni Mitchell. He convinces me that ‘Love Actually‘ would be the ideal movie for my wife and I to watch. My wife enjoying light comedy. Me enjoying my wife. And I love Hugh Grant. He’s so cute. And funny. And then there’s Liam Neeson. Who is not so funny. But charming. A wonderful actor. And Peter Finch… no Colin Firth. Their names sound the same to me.

About ten minutes into the movie I realize that I’d seen the movie before. Its details remain vague. As if there was something I was trying to repress. But my wife claims that she had not seen the movie. Not with me. Then who did I see it with? Not with Victor. It is a charming movie. As in Hallmark greeting cards charming. Cute in a kind of ‘i’ve eaten too much cake’ cute. Nevertheless my wife is smiling. And that’s never a bad sign. And then it comes. Emma Thompson. Also in the movie. Who I really like. Emma I mean. She tells her husband Alan Rickman. The snake. She tells him that JONI MITCHELL made her a better person. The worst is yet to come.

The movie soundtrack introduces one of Joni Mitchell’s songs. ‘Both Sides Now’. Apologies to all those Joni Mitchell fans out there but my head is in the waste paper basket. ‘VICTOR!’ I cry out in my head. He sucked me into watching the movie. Just to play Joni Mitchell to me. Drat! I look up. My wife is still smiling. Hmmm. We watch the movie ’til its end. And my brain turns to mush. I need another box of kleenex.

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