There ain’t no doors.

August 8, 2011

I’m confused. How do we deal with this debt crisis? I read an article that said we (Canada) have been in good shape because of the work of Mr. Martin (a former finance minister in a  previous liberal administration). On the one hand we’re told that you cannot deal with this economic mess by pulling money out of the economy. (ie. the Tea Party’s idea of taxing by removing money from those dependent upon government funding.) And others who claim that you cannot solve this mess by putting money into the economy (ie. priming the pump).

What was done by Canada when they had an excess of money? They paid down the debt and did an overhaul appraisal of all government spending to find which programs were a drag on the economy, which programs were inefficent, and which programs actually encouraged growth. Money was put into research and education.

What Bush did with Clinton’s gift of money in the bank? He cut taxes for the rich, and start a war.

But now there’s no money. What to do? Get people who are pragmatists to come up with possible solutions. If America goes down, all of us are going down with it.

Shame the Tea Partiers. They are like people smoking around the gas pumps. They make everyone nervous.

The President has to do 2 things. He has to look like he’s both “pissed off” and “deliberate”.

I’m one of the those people who always looks for the EXIT signs when I board an airplane. We’re all in the same life raft. And there ain’t no doors.

4 Responses to “There ain’t no doors.”

  1. What an excellent image and your commentary is right on the mark. The ship is sinking, the plane is falling and we can’t find the exits…..

    peace is what we need.

  2. Leya said

    You said it all and said it well. Sadly.

  3. When times are tough I think of those poor Irish peasants in the middle ages. Every weekend the Vikings would land on their shores and beat the snot out of them.

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