August 9, 2011

My father had no sense of direction. My mother used to say that he could get lost driving down to the end of the driveway. During the war my father slipped off into the woods to have a leak. When he was finished, he found that he was lost. He wandered through the woods for hours. Several times he heard German voices. If he was caught by the Germans he  would have been sent to a prisoner of war camp. Or worse. Afraid that he might stay lost in the wood, dad finally decided to just step out of the woods and hope for the best. Luckily he walked into a British battalion. I think my father was terrified when he was in the woods. He was lost and there was no one to tell him in which direction safety lay.  I think that this must be the fear that many people feel in this recent economic crisis. If President Obama hadn’t signed that agreement with the Republicans, I can’t imagine what the repercussions might have been. The Tea Party was counting on that. I live in a different country, but it enrages me to think that a bunch of fanatics is determining the fate of millions of people.

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