Safely fiddle away their time

August 9, 2011

Reading around. Anger everywhere. People losing their heads. Screaming. Other folks stirring up the rabble. People with torches and rope. Something else is happening in America. Is it me? Am I reading into things? The Tea Party has created an atmosphere of ‘this or else’. It is not for nothing that they name themselves after an event that precipitated a revolution. Is this what Americans want? Do those who are rich believe that they can sit by and safely fiddle away their time while America burns? … the soap box has come out in me. I apologize.


4 Responses to “Safely fiddle away their time”

  1. R. said

    Personally, I adore your work. You should publish

  2. R. said

    For its most part it is written in Greek, the further back you go the more likely you are to come across some poetry and short stories in English, but to be frank the archaeology is not worth it. You on the other hand, I like coming back to again and again. Your imagery is poetic, dense and powerful.


  3. I took philosophy at University. Got my Masters degree in it. I came to love Greece though I’ve never been there. The ancient Greeks were an incredible people. One of the birth places of democracy. The origins of Western culture. The bed of philosophy. There have been 4 great dramatists. 3 were Greek. The other is Shakespeare. You can go on and on.

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