Time for glib

August 10, 2011

I just can’t seem to get off this political dish. Something I noticed. A lot of the new conservative (I want to say far right) spokespersons for the Republican Party are young, beautiful, smart, women. I won’t go through their names. Its those looks as much as their ideas that gets them air time. That’s nothing new. At least they’re a relief from the Brycreme ads of their male counterparts. Is there a mandatory hair style for Republican public figures? Throw the democrats in there as well. There was something about Robert or John Kennedy pushing their hair off their eyes that was so appealing. Reminded me of Marilyn Monroe.

3 Responses to “Time for glib”

  1. Fascinating image–Although, from what you wrote while you do have make an interesting point, sadly some of those Republican women you mention don’t really appear to be that intelligent. Which can reflect rather poorly on women in general.

  2. They’re smart alright. But sometimes you wonder what kind of education they got. And if they read. But then its in their interest to say outrageous things. Even it they’re stupid

  3. vimax said

    Love your post . Really

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