They are aching

August 13, 2011

If humans had evolved without eyesight. What would be our definition of beauty? How would we sense change? Given that we had no extra senses without sight which of the other senses would dominate our faculty of taking in information? Would time exist? If so how would we measure it? I’m just suggesting this apothesis to get a better grip on our notions of beauty, change, time etc.

There are other abilities we do not have. For example we do not perceive all the rays in the light spectrum. We do not have radar like a bat. Or the nose of a hound dog. We see the universe in terms of space. Because we can see. Of course if we didn’t have sight, we would still bump into things. Like we still get a sunburn even though we don’t see the rays that give it to us. (Is that right?) But without sight our interpretation of nature might be completely different.

I’ve had trouble with my eyes lately. They are aching. That’s where all this is coming from. I was thinking about aliens. And whether another sentient life form like us could exist without sight. Or could they exist outside the visual spectrum? Invisible to us. Maybe I should just go and take a Tylenol.


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