Riots and Wire tapping

August 17, 2011

Listening to the Prime Minister talking about the riots in England. Certainly the mandate of all leaders of any country is to maintain order. There is however a great deal of hypocrisy in Mr. Cameron’s statement. I was in Europe last year, listening to the BBC as I always do. The government had imposed a series of social cutbacks. Moneys that would have gone into education, housing, etc. were being curtailed. The government was warned that this could lead to future problems. Its happened. Everyone acts now as if this was a big surprise. No one can justify looting. And carnage. But the British government seems bent on ignoring any explanation. Could it be that these riots come at an opportune time. Mr. Cameron’s government has been reeling under the wiretapping scandal. Mr. Cameron’s statements sound very familiar.

Catholic Bishop\’s reaction to uprising


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