We are ugly

September 9, 2011

The worship of youth.  History as an analysis of generations. I was watching the video below. An analysis of the baby boomer generation through the X generation and so on. Its fun to look at. But hardly an accurate understanding of our times. Because…

1. The greatest generation was my parents generation. They went through 2 World Wars. A great depression. The boom times in the 50s. In Canada they brought us Universal Medicare. In America they brought in civil rights legislation. Of course they also introduced our present environmental problems. They used atomic weapons and then banned/controlled them. They began the Cold War and ended it.  They sacrificed. They worked hard. Unfortunately their children were spoiled. They immersed themselves in pleasure. In the fantasies of the good life. In appetites and greed. Idealistic at times they succumbed to the temptations of materialism.

2. History on this planet did not begin with Black and White Television. If everything is easier now, it is not better. The qualities of a human being are not measured by how much he has. We have become the ultimate Dorian Grey. We have allowed advertising to make us fall in love with an image of ourselves that is false. The real picture is in our environment, in our treatment of the ‘have nots’, in the frivolous waste of our time.

Our cat hid under the bed

September 9, 2011

Who blogs about the weather? Well, we had this spectacular light show one night. There were hundreds of lightning strikes across the city. Our cat hid under the bed. I was right beside him.

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