They don’t amount to much

September 17, 2011

One of my first introductions to the absurd in life was a series of cartoons on the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. They were called Fractured Fairy Tales. They were narrated by a fellow named Edward Everett Norton. Such a delightful voice. Filled with an understated zanyism. In film he was a very funny man. But in these tales it was just his voice. The tales themselves are always understated. They seem to celebrate the humour of the mundane. In laymen’s language (I love using that expression. It makes one feel so superior) the absurd. The stories are filled with asides that don’t amount to much. Much like my own writing. Here is  one of the tales.

2 Responses to “They don’t amount to much”

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  2. Jillian said

    I really like your writing style, fantastic info , thankyou for posting : D.

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