The Big Poop

September 26, 2011

I’ve been cleaning my house out. Tidying up before I pass on. Better that I do it than my kids get stuck with it. I threw out about a half dozen paintings. They were awful. Sent some other paintings to the Goodwill. Who knows where those will end up. Took about a dozen note books of poems that I wrote in high school and threw them out. The poems were very derivative. From Bob Dylan. I had a lot of angst back then but most of it came out sounding like I was some blues singer in the forties. Taking all my notes from college and my essays in graduate school and chucking them. This is like the big poop. The other day I was reading a blog from a guy who was upset that someone had used one of  his pics in their blog. Well, someday he’ll have his own big poop. That pic being used in someone else’s blog won’t seem that important.

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