Fox Trot Logic

September 28, 2011

The Pythagoreans were an odd lot. Even too. They believed in the power of mathematics. Numbers specifically. Everything had a number. A tree might be 38. While a cloud could be 456.  As odd at that sounds let us remember atomic numbers. And the Periodic Table.

(Left foot forward)

I read an account that suggested that if a meteor of appropriate size was to pass by Earth (and not hit us) that the magnetic quality of that meteor could scramble all of our computers. That is we would be blind. All the information that was on our hard drives would be a mess. Airplanes would fall out of the sky. Cars wouldn’t start. Anything operated by a battery would cease operating.  Civilization as we know it would end.

(right foot forward)

Remember The Matrix. Seems fanciful. That life could exist as a computer program. But that is one possible explanation for the universe. It fits the Pythagorean view. (In my view)

(slide left foot sideways)

What if there were a sun, a black hole, a huge gadget looking like  an on/off switch that if it passed to close to the earth could turn life…. off. We could call it a virus. But I prefer on/off switch. (In the parallel universe theory, anything you can think must exist someplace.) All life disappears.

(slide right foot over to meet left)

Perhaps not life. Perhaps just consciousness. So that in very short order all sentient life forms would disappear. Us. The cat. Spiders. Everything else would keep functioning for a while. Until it broke down.

(left foot back)

An alien life form lands on the planet. Long after our disaster with the on/off switch.

(right foot back)

Their quest. What happened?

(end of dance)

CUT Thats my movie.

It was actually a drama for televisionin the 1950s. I can’t remember the name of the show. Or any of the actors. All I remember is that the aliens looked like us. And they were the size of a salt shaker.

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