New generations should forgive us

October 7, 2011

Flippant. A lot of us were. It was fashionable. Cynicism with a chuckle. Most of our idols were. Dylan, Lennon, Cohen. If you were sincere and honest, you were square. Boring. And flat. There was no depth to your character. But if you could shrug things off. Especially if you could be amusing about it. Well, wasn’t that attractive? It was more important to be entertaining than to tell the truth. Sometimes you could do both. But not always. The perpetual adolescents that were rock stars fancied themselves as philosophers. I remember fancying myself that way. Strutting around. Like a peacock. No one was more like that than Leonard Cohen. A talented guy who never got bored listening to himself talk. I think anyone with a morsel of pride or arrogance would wince at some of the things he said. New generations should forgive him. Should forgive us all. We were young. And it was part of the age we grew up in.




ole paint dyed tday


me ole fren an partnur

me ole horse is did.

Carreed me from reeginah t fert word,

purdnear all across those bloody prayerees.

By jeese.

Some nites be so lonesom purdnear deye meself

cept fer old paint been round.

Always have ole paint.


Ole paints did.

Lepages offurd twenty five dollures fur im.

But ah couldn do it.


Nut when ah kin git thirty at purina.


One Response to “New generations should forgive us”

  1. doyourememberdotcom said

    Cynicism is never out of style. A right of passage, I daresay.

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